This is an eCommerce website owned by voice actor Christopher Sabat and should not be confused with the official DBZ brand, owned by Toei Animation.

Majin Vegeta Funko Pop! Status

By now, every Majin Vegeta Pop sold on has now shipped. If you have any issues whatsoever, please contact us at so we can resolve them as quickly as possible. 

As far as future sales of this Pop! are concerned, the only way to get the Majin Vegeta Funko Pop! will be at convention appearances in 2019, where Christopher Sabat will have them in limited numbers.  He will be posting his schedule for 2019 sometime in January via Twitter.

A Few Words

Dipping my toes into eCommerce has been a fascinating experience and fun challenge. There are so many things that can go wrong, especially when your website is receiving 2.5 million hits a day. Finding ways to sell this Pop online that allows fans a fair chance is almost impossible when you have a valuable item that everyone wants. Bots exist that can purchase the product ten times faster than a human, automating tasks that bypass listings and link directly to shopping carts. These nefarious bits of technology are deployed by resellers trying to make a quick buck on eBay, but also to savvy collectors and fans who simply want to beat them at their own game. 

To mitigate as many issues as possible, I implemented several things to this website that reduce the bots and I even placed duplicate listings on site that have bizarre spellings to give humans a small advantage. I boosted the site’s bandwidth and ability to withstand a lot of traffic.  (It’s still gonna crash, just you wait. Ugh.) I offered up flash sales to my Twitter followers, brought the Pop to conventions, sold them at a DBZ card tournament and when the Pop went on sale I even held a secure lottery for all of the people who signed up for the newsletter when the site was announced. In other words, a great deal of effort went into making this sale happen in the most fair way possible. 

Figuring this business out has been great and I’ve loved interacting with so many DBZ and Funko fans along the way.  If I could go back in time and do this all over again, I’d definitely so some things differently.  If I could have launched the site when I first promised, I would have. But even so, I’ll never make everyone happy. Licenses are complicated things, and at the end of the day I am simply grateful that Toei and FUNimation have been gracious enough to allow me to sell this toy and that you've been awesome enough to be such dedicated fans.  

For those who missed out, stay tuned. I will have this Pop! with me in limited quantities at select conventions in 2019. Check back here periodically for updates as to where I’ll be. I’ll send out a newsletter to keep you informed as well. For the most instant updates, follow me on Twitter at @VoiceOfVegeta.  


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